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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 18, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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months is not a news conference. woods is scheduled to make a public statement tomorrow morning. it is the first since the sex scandal broke involving the athlete and not answering any questions. only a handful of reporters and sports writers will be present in the room with him. nbc's kerry sanders is live in st. augustine, florida, and courtney haslett is live with us in the studio. let's start off with you, kerry. par for the course here if you forgive my pun of a very-tightly controlled event that we're going to be seeing tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, i won't be a reporter there in the room. they've at least selected three of them. one from the associated press, one from reuters and bloomberg and then the golf writers' association will select three other reporters. it looked like they're all print reporters and the rules are, no questions. as you pointed out. so it's really hard to call this anything other than an opportunity, i guess, for tiger woods to say what he wants to say. can be almost 99% confident that
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he has rehearsed this plenty of times in front of cameras and reviewed the video to see how he comes off before doing. this only one camera in the room there. that's important because that means the one camera will be focused where the cameraman wants it opposed to two or three because sometimes there are certain things going on in a room you know as a reporter with two or three other cameras, you can pick up other things going on and the opportunity to ask questions is not going to happen there so we'll have to wait and see but it's a much-watched event. first time he's really speaking out other than the few things on his website of admitting infidelity in almost three months since the car accident at the home there on thanksgiving weekend. >> all right. kerry sanders, fascinating stuff. i can't wait to see the public response. kerry, thank you for that. let's bring in courtney haslett now. let's talk about the timing of this. we have already heard from folks in the golf community. ernieels says about the fact he is coming out on friday.
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he is talking about the tournament. >> match play tournament that would have been tiger's. one of the biggest events of the year but for the majors. >> and the first sponsor to drop tiger and so he say this is takes a lot away from the golf tournament. is this tiger standing up? he could have down this potentially at any time. >> -- instead of running yesterday when the photographers took pictures of him doing that and we know his golf schedule has been getting in the way of having some sort of public statement. >> is he coming back with an at snud. >> i believe so. to me, i'm asking what is the point if you're rehearsing a statement over and over again before you go on camera, limiting the number of people who are able to be present for that. and it's still going to be taped and put out on a pool cam rachlt th then what is the point of this? >> will his wife be among the people? >> i'm told most likely not.
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most likely not. i think there's a very good argument for elin to be there. you see her on the 18th green. you see her in plenty of happy circumstances. where she's supported her husband if she does support her husband. i think there's an argument to be made she would be there for this. perhaps might see her off to the side where the camera is not getting her and then a report of her being present and might be enough to make the statement. i think, however, this is something of an empty apology if a lot of this is i'm sorry opposed to this is a date coming back to golf. when we look at celebrity apologies like with chris brown that was something that was very rehearsed and he didn't do it live with the opportunity for questions. we said that doesn't quite count. you need to really put yourself out there and answer. it is interesting to see how rehearsed this is. >> thanks. >> sure. now to the so-called idaho ten jailed in haiti. eight of them are back here in the u.s. after arriving last
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night at miami international airport. now, a judge released them without bail after they promised to return if he decided that he had more questions for them. parents of the haitian orphans said they had given their children to the missionaries believing they would have a better life. meanwhile, the group es leader and nanny are still detained in haiti facing more questions from the judge. ian williams is covering this live for us from port-au-prince. ian, i understand the judge has some very specific questions for these two. >> reporter: -- appear before him this morning. he will be asking -- for haiti. not only, that but more about their relationship -- the adviser to the group who himself has been -- >> our apologies there. we are having some technical difficulties. we'll try to get him live from port-au-prince late they are
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hour. president obama will announce new efforts to tackle the record national debt. right now, the government say it is debt is projected to rise to $14 trillion. hard to wrap your head around that number, right? well, if you're counting, it comes up to about $46,000 for every man, woman and child in america. all right. now that doesn't make your head spin, check thought site. with a realtime look at the nation's money, look at it. tough to sort through but when you do and add up the spinning numbers, liability comes out the nearly -- can you see tlit? $350,000 per every citizen. $350,000. there it is. nbc's mike viqueira live at the white house where i'm hoping, mike, you left your checkbook at home. we're not collecting on that right now. >> reporter: i have a debit card. >> the president is expected any moment now to announce a new commission on fiscal
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responsibility and reform. we know they have their work cut out for them. this wasn't the president's first choice in how to handle this. is it just another blue ribbon panel? who's involved and what can they get done? >> well, you know, it's interesting point you raise, monica. not only a very serious economic issue and strike s at the kitchn table topic that is politicians talk about here in washington but it's a political football. the president want add deficit commission. it did not pass the senate. we heard the president many times lament the fact that seven republican co-sponsors took a walk when that bill hit the senate floor. he's done this by executive order now. he wants not only reduce the debt but the deficit this year in the sbugt $1.4 trillion. monica? >> all right. nbc's mike viqueira at the white house, we'll check back with you later. thanks. it is a busy day for the president. he meets next hour with the
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dalai lama. that is move that's been denounced by china. the dalai lama lived in exile since 1959. then, later tonight, the president heads out west to denver and then las vegas. it is a city he had a rocky relationship with lately. you might recall the pthd came after fire saying companies bailed out by the government, well, they shouldn't be taking trips to sin city. las vegas mayor goodman called the comments harmful to the city and stlet threatened not meet we president without a personal apology. officials in vancouver say a man managed to get within yards of vice president biden. this happened at the olympic opening ceremony. the man was about 12 rows from where biden was sitting in the vip section and arrested. police say they believe that the man was mentally ill and no charges have been filed there. back to the competition and
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a white-hot wednesday that didn't disappoint. a record setting day for american athletes with the most medals for team usa in any single day of any winter olympics. >> oh! and there it is! oh! >> one of them, a repeat gold to the king of the half-pipe, shaun white. soared above the competition with the now-famous turn, mctwist 1260 on the second run to seal the gold and on the downhill -- >> i've given up everything for this. it means everything to me. >> an emotional lindsey vonn. her gold medal run was nearly flawless despite the nagging shin injury we have heard so much about. she shares the podium with julia mancuso. both american skiers managed to avoid spills on what turned out to be a tremendously dangerous downhill track. at least six athlete crashed
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including a swedish skier tumbled down the hill and emerged from the fall and with minor injuries. wednesday, record setting day for shani davis with a second gold medal. the first man to win back to back golds in that event. let's goat chris jansing for more from vancouver. chris, big day for team usa. six medals, three of them gold. >> i would say it's actually a huge day, monica. even though the canadian papers had big headlines acknowledging white-hot wednesday as we called it for the americans and you said it. usa breaking the records for the most olympic medals at any winter games. this was an absolutely thrilling day. let's go right to lindsey vonn, if we can. she was the person under arguably the most pressure of these days. she did a couple of things yesterday in the downhill, which is the most daring of ski races. she did ski through the pain of
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that shin injury and she was able to block out the hype in her mind of the pressure that she's the golden girl of this olympics and pulls out a nearly perfect race and she said it was the best day of her life and she was highly emotional about it. and there she goes. i'm telling you, monica. everybody standing in the newsroom screaming and she just fell down into the snow. she knew she had raced the race of her life this could just be the beginning for her. she has a lot more ahead, right? >> she has four more races to go. she's probably favored strongly in two of them. and she really has a serious chance for a medal in the other two. she said yesterday, you know, she came here -- she already accomplished what she meant to accomplish, to take home a medal but i'm sure somebody like her known for her mental toughness is laser focused now on the coming races.
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she celebrate add little bit and now looking at the race that is are ahead. >> other great olympic moments from shaun white that we'll remember for a long time. >> the mctwist 1260. this guy twists like a gyroscope. take a look one more time. two flips. three and a half spins and i don't know if you remember, holy -- he actually crashed on this move many, many times. >> wow thigh year. at the x games, looked nasty. but he got away with a bruised cheek. shaun said he never crashed so much in his life as this year and pushing the envelope and then only 23, he has changed the face of snowboarding and watch out the rest of the teams out there because he said he'll come back for soshi, russia. >> he makes it look so easy, doesn't he, chris? >> that's what the best always do, right? just a quick look ahead. tonight, another incredible
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competition, the men's figure skating and america has truly two men who could medal in this. it is a great competition. >> all right. we'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> team usa, here's the medal count, winning six in one day. more than in any single day in the history of the olympics and puts usa in the first place with 14 medals. and we've got more olympic hockey action for you on msnbc today. team usa women coached by 1980 miracle on ice hero mark johnson taking on the toughest opponent yet of these games, that is finland. face-off 5:30 p.m. eastern time. and on sunday, you can watch the men of team usa versus canada. it's all right here on msnbc 7:00 p.m. eastern. and coming up -- >> there it is! oh! >> that's so good we had to show you again.
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i'll talk with austin murphy of how shaun white pulls off the amazing moves. well, there is new video grabbing attention today on youtube. it is an arrival of the olympic torch in vancouver. you might not have caught this detail. watch the man in the crowd. as the jogger passes by with the flame, this guy reaches out, grabs it and lights his cigar. well, cop didn't let him get away with it. ultimately, the man did not face charges there. what was he thinking? airports across the country will soon have a new way to test for explosives on passengers. no nudity here but you have to wait in line. officials in dubai do not think they can catch the killers of a hamas leader assassinated and think they know who did it. and take a look at this basketball shot. off the charts. we'll be right back on msnbc. gh. so i was surprised when my doctor told me
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more bad news for toyota. the company's 8 million car recalls may expand to include 500,000, 2010 and 2009 colol la models. they plan a formal investigation into driver complaints about steering problems with that car. it's late nest a series of blows to the auto giant. the "endeavour" astronauts are back to work after a phone call from president obama. the president complimenting the crew on the new $27 million addition. they put on the international space station. today, the crew will move a water recycling system into the new space along with an oxygen re generator and a toilet. this is not what you want to hear from homeland security. department officers lost 289
10:18 am
guns from 2006 to 2008. nearly 200 of the guns they say lost in common areas like bathrooms and bowling alleys. offenders will be disciplined and given extra trang. most of the guns are still missing. and don't be surprised if the security agent asks to check your palms the next time you're at the airport. the tsa about to begin a new testing on passengers for explosives. pete williams is with us from washington. how does this work? >> reporter: what's new is where they'll do it and to whom. this is where they take a little piece of paper and run it on your hand or baggage and put it into a -- you know, they rub your hand and put it into a machine to see if there's any residue on it. they'll now start doing this while you're standing in the line to get to the check point, in the check point itself and at the boarding gates. usually this is done as secondary security but now in the new places, as well. >> all right. pete williams, thank you.
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we want to take you right now live to, the president in the diplomatic reception room. >> america faces three closely linked challenges. one was a financial crisis brought on by reckless speculation that threatened to choke off all spending. this helped to spark the deepest recessions as the great ze presentation from which we're still recovering and aggravated a severe fiscal crisis brought on by years of bad habits in washington. the sxhik crisis required the government to make immediate, emergency investments that added to our accumulated debt. critical investments that had helped to break the back of the recession and lay the groundwork for growth and job creation. but now with so many americans still out of work, the task of recovery is far from complete. so in the short term, we're going to be taking steps to encourage business to create
10:20 am
jobs that will continue to be my top priority. still, there niece doubt that we're going to have to address the long-term quandary of a government that routinely and extravagantly spends more than it takes in. when i walked in to the door of the white house, our government was spending about 25% of gdp but taking in only about 16% of gdp. without action, the accumulated weight of that structural deficit, of ever-increasing debt, will hobble our economy, it will cloud our future and it will saddle every child in america with an intolerable burden. this isn't news. since the budget surpluses at the end of the 1990s, federal debt has exploded. the trajectory is clear and it is disturbing. but the politics of dealing with chronic deficits is fraught with hard choices and, therefore, it's treacherous to office
10:21 am
holders here in washington. as a consequence, nobody's been too eager to deal with it. that's where these two gentlemen come in. allen simpson and erskine bowles are taking on tim possible. trying to restore reason to the fiscal debate and as co-chairs on reform. i'm asking them to produce clear recommendations on how to cover the costs of all federal programs by 2015. and to meaningfully improve our long-term fiscal picture. i have every confidence they'll do that because nobody's better qualified than these two. allen simpson is a wyoming truth teller. if you look in the dictionary, it says simpson's picture. through nearly two decades in the united states' senate, he earned a reputation for putting
10:22 am
common sense and the people's welfare ahead of petty politics. as the number two republican in the senate, he made the tough choices necessary to close deficits and he played an important role in bipartisan deficit reduction agreements. esskine bowles understands the management of money in the public sector and served as president clinton's chief of staff. in that capacity, he brokered the 1997 budget agreement with republican that is helped produce the first balanced budget in nearly 30 years. one's a good republican. the other a good democrat. but above all, both are patriotic person american who is are answering their country from the strangle hold of debt. the commission lead structured in such a way to rise above partisanship. there's going to be 18 members. in addition to two co-chairs, four others will be appointed by
10:23 am
me. six will be appointed by republican leaders. six by democratic leaders. their recommendations will require the approval of 14 of the commission's 18 members. and that ensure that is any recommendation coming out of this effort and sent forward to congress has to be bipartisan in nature.terned on a bill i proposed. the proposal failed recently in the senate but i hope congressional leaders can join this effort to serve the national interest. as important as this commission is, our fiscal challenge is too great to be solved with any one step alone and we can't wait to act. that's why last week i signed into law the pay go bill which says very simply that the united
10:24 am
states of america should pay as we go and live within our means again just like responsible families and businesses do. this law's what helped get deficits under control in the 1990s and produced surpluses by the end of the decade. it was suspended and we saw deficits explode again. we are taking an important step towards addressing the deficit problem in this decade and in decades to come. that's also why after taking steps to cut taxes and increase access to credit for small businesses to jumpstart job creation this year, i've called far three-year freeze on discretionary spending starting next year. this freeze won't affect medicare, medicaid or social security spending. and it won't affect national security spending including veterans benefits but all other discretionary spending will be subject to this freeze. these are tough times and we can't keep spending like they're not. that's why we're seeking to
10:25 am
reform our health insurance system because if we don't soaring health care costs will eventually become the single largest driver of our federal deficits. reform legislation in the house and senate would bring down deficits and looking furd meet with both parties and chambers next week to try to get this done. that's also why this year we're proposing a responsible budget that cuts that what we don't need to pay for what we did. we have proposed budget reduction and terminations to yield about $20 billion in savings. we're ending loopholes and tax give aways for oil and tax companies and wealthiest 2% of american secretary of state taken together these step pros vid more than $1 trillion in deficit reduction over the coming decade, more savings than any administration's budget in the past ten years. i know the issue of deficits stirred debate and there's some on the left that believe that
10:26 am
the issue can be deferred. there are some on the right who won't enter into serious discussions about deficits without pre-conditions but they have to be willing to take the hard steps noes achieve it and those who believe government has a responsibility to meet these urgent challenges have a great stake in bringing our deficits under control. because if we don't, we won't be able to meet our most basic obligations to one another so america's fiscal problems won't be involsolved overnight. they take time to wind down but with the commission i'm establishing today and the other steps we are pursuing, i believe we are finally putting america on the path towards fiscal reform and responsibility. i want to, again, thank allen and erskine for taking on what's a difficult and perhaps thankless task.
10:27 am
i'm thankful to them in this cause. i know they'll take up their work with a sense of integrity and a sense of commitment that america's people deserve and america's future demands and i think part of the reason they're going to be effective is although one's a strong democrat and one's a strong republican, these are examples of people who put country first. and they know how to disagree without being disagreeable. and there's a sense of civility and a sense that there are moments where you set politics aside to do what's right. that's the kind of spirit that we need. and i'm confident that the product that they put forward is going to be honest. it is going to be clear. it's going to give a path to both parties in terms of how we have to address these challenges. all right? thank you very much.
10:28 am
>> there you see president obama in the diplomatic reception room of the white house. he's accompanied by there you see over his right shoulder that is allen simpson, former republican senator of wyoming. over the left shoulder, your right, erskine bowles and then the vice president joe biden. setting up a bipartisan fiscal commission to take a look at ways to reduce the federal debt and called the national commission on fiscal responsibility epa reform and co-chairing by simpson and bowles. the president just now saying that this panel will help put america on the path to fiscal reform and responsibility. new developments this morning in an international murder mystery. dubai's police chief says he is 99% sure that israel's spy agency is responsible for the assassination of a hamas commander last month at a dubai
10:29 am
no ho tell. michele, this is interesting. we know israel wouldn't publicly claim credit but now there are concerns in israel if they're responsible, did they pull off a successful but maybe really embarrassing job on this one? >> it is interesting to see because much of it is on security cameras and seeing fake mustaches, wigs, tennis ko costumes. this apparently was the m.o. of a team suspected of kill ago hamas leader in dubai last month. israel's secret service. this is the stuff spy novels are made of. but this is all too real. security cameras in a fancy dubai hotel catch a team of
10:30 am
nondescript people arriving. a team, however, according to police, of elite assassins. at least 11 people, these are their faces. traveling under forged passports in the names of unsuspecting british, irish, french and german citizens. the blond woman here, arrives as a brunette. one bald man comes out of the bathroom wear ago wig and glasses. some disguised as tennis players, at least one seems to have elaborately disguised himself with the old fake mustache. not exactly james bond clever but effective. authorities say they followed the target into the elevator and to the room to see where he is staying. only five hours after he is checked in, the woman dressed as a maid gets him to open his door. several men go inside apparently taser him to subdue him and then smother him. >> very professional, well
10:31 am
planned and successful operation. >> reporter: the assassins are in town less than 24 hours and in that time, they never use a weapon, a credit card or a phone line. they hop planes out of dubai before the body is discovered and, poof, they're gone. who were they? no one knows. only the smiling faces of killers from faked passports remain. interpoll has just put the 11 suspects on the most wanted list but we know that authorities are saying there could be more suspects including possibly another woman and at least three palestinians are under arrest, possibly for supplying information to the killers. the british government is upset about this. today calling it very serious and an outrage that british identities apparently stolen and used in the operation saying it called a special meeting with the israeli ambassador saying he didn't have anything to add to the investigation. israel has not confirmed or denied any involvement in the
10:32 am
apparent hit but the man is suspected in the kidnapping of israeli soldiers and thought to be in dubai buying weapons for hamas, monica. >> fascinating. michele, thanks for the latest on that. university of alabama-huntsville says good-bye one of the beloved faculty members gunned down allegedly by another professor. this as we continue to learn more surprising details about the alleged shooter, amy bishop. nbc's tong tran in huntsville with more. >> reporter: seems like every day there's aspect of the past that emerges and late zest an assault in 2002 living in massachusetts according to a police report and struck a woman in the head shouting don't you know who i am? after which the woman took a
10:33 am
booster chair that bishop wanted for her child. in the past few days we are focusing on the past events here in 1986 she also shot and killed her brother. that was later rendered as an accidental shooting but the focus today as you had mentioned shifts back to the victims. first of three funerals tomorrow and a memorial service tomorrow for all the victims. monica? >> so devastating for that community. thank you. as police comb through the evidence in this case, they're uncovering new details about amy bishop. authorities found an unpublished manuscript appearing to mirror her own life and passages that seem somewhat erie in thlight o last week's shooting. joining it seems to me casey jordan. on the face of it is, this is not necessarily looking at the video and picture of the woman, a professor at a university, not someone you would think capable of something like this. >> not on the surface but going
10:34 am
backwards and reconstruct everything and move forward and look at the mail bond scandal and considered a subject of great interest, having professor who was in charge of the dissertation with the bomb in the mail and the revolutions about the book writing and fiction, it does create a timeline where more often this is making sense. >> i want to read a passage from the novel. we have a clip from it. quote, she knew she was a professor having finally achieved tenure. the main character i seem here. her huge family sat at the table. she felt warm, happy, fulfilled and yet she knew it was just a dream. we keep hearing that she was really obsessed with this notion of tenure and in the book the character has tenure and very worried about losing it. if i saw this in a movie or on a tv drama, i would say, come on. that is too obvious. would someone really write this
10:35 am
out? and then go and perform these crimes. >> the fiction, you know, art emulates life. the fiction has got to represent the life she would like and not getting. beyond that, she paints a picture of a happy family and we know from people that knew amy and her family growing up, it was not a happy family. it was cold and loveless and as far as i know she has no siblings but in the book she there's siblings and parents and many children and as if she wrote about the world she knew she wasn't attaining or didn't have. >> well, our thoughts certainly go out to the victims' families today, especially as they go through 2350u7b ral services. casey jordan, thanks so much. >> great to be here. we are going to take a turn here and go down under for today's off the charts. in australia, an unusual welcome wagon for a warming family. a toshd. family had just moved to the farm three weeks ago saying it damaged some crops and farming equipment. no one was injured and never
10:36 am
seen anything like it. to paducah, kentucky. hard work it takes to win. during a championship game between murray state and southeast missouri, murray state's canon scrambled to get the loose ball and on his knees near the half court line. nothing but net before the buzzer. his winning basket helped them clench the regular season. good for him. a boston area robber good beating from a 75-year-old grandma. look at her go. police say this granny has lots of gusto. that's a price scanner she is holding, by the way. she also chased after the robber who police say took about 100 bucks from the register. the suspect was tracked down and arrested. good for her. well, now to the half-pipe and the flying tomato. all right. we're going to show you something but we'll save it. shaun white soared yesterday pulling off the move that is make him the king of the
10:37 am
half-pipe. how does he do it? >> it's kind of a mindset you have to take where you basically initiate the first trick and then normally land right about here, you go in for the second flip and it's all commitment from there. >> i'm joined by austin murphy and "sports illustrated." put this into perspective. when you see it, it's hard to believe anyone can pull this off especially with the graphics. how far ahead of other snowboarders is white zblus terms of his abilities? >> you know, shaun was on the forefront of this new family of tricks, the double corks. but there are a few guys pulling them off. i think where he is ahead of the game is just -- i mean, there were only a couple of other people in these olympics under more pressure than shaun. one was lindsey vonn and the kid with the snowboard in the opening ceremony. he is impervious to pressure.
10:38 am
he's just a gregarious guy with the media and then in his commercials, a cut-up and clown an unhe is great fun and when he is about to drop into the pipe, he becomes this assassin. he's just one of those rare champions who wants, you know, the shot with two seconds left in the game. >> yeah. >> and to me, that's what sets him apart. >> i'm wondering. this is a young sport. how important is innovation right now at this early stages of this sport? how important is it to a v an athlete to push the limits as you say? >> it's true that it is a young sport and it is in some ways unrecognizable not just from the last olympics in turin but to get on the podium, do the massive straight air and then a series of complicated spins. that got a little stale.
10:39 am
spun out. and so where to then? they sided to go upside down like we just saw and i don't know where they'll take that. the pipe's bigger now than it was eight years ago. they're going up higher. it is more dangerous. as we have seen, but we were asking shaun about that last night and he said, you know, he pulled out the t ee eed about t thinking about already. it's changing frequently and that makes it exciting. >> we hear he says he's planning to be back in four years. >> nice to see him. he'll only be 27 which is a little bit old for the half-pipe but, you know, it will be fun to see him back. >> hard to think of 27 as old in any measure but i guess you're right for those snowboarders. austin murphy with "sported illustrated," thanks. >> thank you. tiger woods breaking the silence for the first time in nearly three months.
10:40 am
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10:44 am
index of leading indicators which tracks several parts of the economy. january's rise makes three straight months of gains. on a down note, first-time unemployment claims from newly-laid off workers surged, rising by 31,000 from 435,000 new claims. continuing claims holding steady. new numbers of inflation. the commerce department says producer prices climbed faster than expected on higher energy costs. rick santelli is live with what's behind the numbers. what do they say about the health of our economy? >> reporter: start with the first one. leading end kay to bes. i believe it was ten straight months of seeing increase and that's not bad news. if you look at the jobless claims, we had snowstorms, maybe that could have affected it but hard to dismiss anything that measures labor is going to be maybe the most significant aspects of what traders and many viewer wills pay attention to.
10:45 am
this wasn't a good story. last probably the most important was ppi. consider if you leave in food and energy and we should leave it in, that's what we use the most of, 1.4% inskrees somewhat shocking and it really is something to contemplate that much of the government's medicine and argue whether it's worked to help the economy but without a doubt this is one of the consequences is that we see higher potential inflation and that, of course, is nothing viewers want because it ends up chewing into their purchasing power. soy think that the economy may be healing but without job growth and jobless claims rising isn't portraying that, it's a long stretch before we have anything to brag about regarding the economic data that comes out. monica, thank you. >> rick, thanks. tiger woods seeking to reseem his tarnished image tomorrow. this is the first time he'll
10:46 am
speak publicly. joining it seems to me steven a. smith. what do you think tiger will say tomorrow? >> he needs to be contrite, come across as very apologetic not only to his family, loved ones but the viewing public. wouldn't be the first billionaire athlete without the support of the public. i think he has to show tremendous level of contrition. wise to take questions. if he doesn't do that, then he's pretty much trying to circumvent the process that people that get in trouble that are in the public quli have to go through which is going to be something to point to his level of arrogance thinking he can evade that. >> we are hearing he won't take questions and criticism already on that note. people saying, if you're going to put it out as a statement and not take questions, then as an apology, it doesn't count. >> doesn't count at all.
10:47 am
you are hoping to have peace of mind while you're doing so and not something the media will grant you nor the public at large because the reality is you didn't become a billionaire athlete winning at golf and that was it. you earned $110 million playing golf but the other near $900 million earned because of sponsors and advertisers who place their money and their faith in you when you had this ordeal come down. it was speculated and projected that the advertising industry, the people that supported you lost anywhere from $5 billion to $12 billion because of your precipitous fall from grace so you can't go for that. >> accenture has a big golf tournament and the timing brought up with the statement being made tomorrow is that the big tournament that tiger would have been a part of starts tomorrow and stealing the pot light and golfers throughout, a lot of colleagues who were saying essentially that this is like a slap in the face. he should bnt doing this. >> it is a slap in the face,
10:48 am
number one, a disrespect to your contemporaries within the industry participating in the tournament. it looks self serving. they were the first to really drop you and now this is really you taking a dig at them and obviously it points to the level of arrogance knowing you can get away with it and draw attention from them and something you're tlog do which is also showing another side to tiger woods if there's truth to those things. >> steven a. smith, thankses so much. >> no problem. take care. public option for health care legislation is reportedly resuscitated on the hill. there's a spoof ad for the life style of a well-known politician. can you guess from this google search? day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar.
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10:51 am
well, starting today's odds and ends with a youtube shot at sarah palin. this one's pretty self explanatory a. new youtube spoof of the super bowl ad a. few
10:52 am
dozen google searches highlighting some of the former governor's greatest hits. new signs of life believe it or not for the public option. california senator dianne feinstein now joining ten other senators who sign add letter asking majority leader reid to include the public option as part of a health care reform bill. nbc's luke russert is following the latest developments and joins us with heard on the hill. luke, this one is not going away. >> it is not, monica. the public option that was given up for dead just a few weeks ago, even if it's a few days ago talking to most people on capitol hill, seemed -- it's revi revived, making a comeback here. 119 house members are in support and now 11 senators circulating this letter trying to garner some support. interesting if you look at the letter, two folk that is are really spearheading it are michael bennett in colorado and kris an gillibrand in new york. both running for reelection in
10:53 am
2010 and trying to assert themselves to the liberal base, pro-public option. a lot of folks i talked to on capitol hill said this could be the beginning of possibly having a public option compromise worked out ahead of the health care summit at the white house that president obama's having with democratic leaders and most likely republicans will show up. senator enzi will be there. the public option, something we thought was gone, was in the garbage and wayside, maybe just maybe is creeping back in the health care reform legislation. a lot of folks say if we can't get this bill passed, via the 60 votes in the senate like -- we use reconciliation and need 50 votes in the senate, put the public option back in. we don't need to plea kate nelson and lieberman. amazing stuff, monica. >> luke, okay. would this finally be it? if this does not work, doesn't seem to be resuscitated one more
10:54 am
time but each time we talk about it, it's surprising us again. >> reporter: it never really goes away. it is one of the amazing things in politics and i think i speak for a lot of folks on capitol hill, i won't believe anything in regards to health care until it's signed, sealed, delivered. this bill taken so many different faces since it -- real negotiations started back in may so is it possible public option could be back in? yes. but at the end of the day, until it's signed, sealed and delivered like stevie wonder said, we don't know. >> you are so right. stevie wonder had it. thank you. >> take care. that does it for me. i'm filling in for david shuster. david will be back here at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 eastern today. tamron hall is next. what do you have? >> hey there, monica. the president will meet privately with the dalai lama. we'll have more on that private meeting. you might recall the president did not meet with the dalai lama
10:55 am
in november. there's a change of tune but we have got details of keeping china happy and not offending the dalai lama. tiger is being criticized trying to control the message. the fallout before he even speaks, coming up.
10:56 am
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this is msnbc live. i'm tamron hall. good day to you. gold rush. the best one day ever for team usa at a went ore limb picks. big winners and a preview of the u.s. athletes poised far run at gold today. and tiger talks. the golf great is expected to face the public for the first time since his scandalous personal life made headlines. details on how tiger is trying to control the message. will we learn his official date to return to golf? palm readers. a new move by airport security will require a closer look at your hands when
10:59 am
does this change make us any safer? and controversy visits the white house. in a matter of minutes, the president will meet with the dalai lama. why the fallout with this meeting could have implications. and we start off in vancouver. american athletes won six medals in all, three of them gold. the most medals ever won in a single day by any usa winter olympic team. king of the halfpipe, shaun white, soared to bring home a repeat medal. lindsey vonn raced to gold on the downhill despite that shin injury we talked so much about. then you've got speed skater shani davis, became the first man to win back-to-back gold medals in the men's 1000 meter race. chris january sising is coverin the action from vancouver. and chris, are you there? >> reporter: i am. how are you? >> very good. a lot of emotion. i saw that lindsey vonn news conference after she won and was in tears myself. >> reporter: i know. it was really touching. an


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